Stuff I Will Have When Iím a Trillionaire


Primary Residence

Other Residences

Ground Vehicles

Air Vehicles


And finallyÖ

My Primary Residence and Evil Headquarters


Buffalo Central Terminal


My Other Residences


Sutyagin House, Archangelsk


Unknown cool building, St Petersburg RU


The secret laboratory will be in the turret.


Mangere Island NZ


This is where Iíll go in order to get away for a while.  The lefthand island, on the low part of the right side.

A cave house will be carved into the side, at the bottom of the mountain slope (high enough to be away from the waves, though).

For food, fishing, and growing some other stuff, like potatoes and yams. Maybe a few chickens.




My Ground Vehicles


1969 Dodge Charger

Tatra T77


1966 Cadillac Fleetwood


Antarctic Snow Cruiser


The above also counts as a residence. 



Greyhound Scenicruiser


Russian Aerosled




My Aircraft




The bubble nose is REQUIRED.








Helipad on roof of north wing, Evil Headquarters. 



My Watercraft


Soviet Submarine B-39


In good weather, lawn chairs and margaritas on deck.  In bad weather, we submerge, watch DVDs on the big screen and drink grog.

Caspian Sea Monster Ekranoplan

When more deck chairs are needed, or when we're visiting Monaco.


Standup Paddlboard (SUP)


In California, EVERYONE commutes like this.



And finallyÖ


The Union Pacific Big Boy Locomotive


I will build a rail line to my Evil Headquarters, and when I commute by rail it shall be in the above vehicle.


Muhuha.  Muhuhahaha!  Muhuhuhahahahahahaha!!!!!!


* Meanwhile, keeps putting those pennies in the change jar *




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