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Съешьте, Питье, Прочитано, Вахта, Слушайте, Насладитесь biggrin

Announcements and Events

Объявления и случаи

Our Calendar

Food and Entertainment

Еда и зрелищность
Bell's Market and points north along Bustleton Avenue in Philly
Russian/Ukrainian restaurants, delicacies and books.  Good home cooking!
Theatre N at Nemours
Independent / Foreign film cinema in Wilmington
1007 N Orange St, Wilmington, DE 19801
Trabant Theatre
University of Delaware
South College Avenue and Main Street, Newark, DE 19716

Community, Culture and Humor

Община, культура и юмористика -- Your local portal to all things Russian
Events, news, info, ads, chat, forums
Sketis Music - Russian ethnic music groups and collections

Forums and Learning Resources 

Форумы, и ресурсы для учить 
Getting Started with Russian -
RusskogoYazyka's "Russian as Russians Speak It" Videos
Russian Language links on the site of JoeG, one of our members
Russian Language Forums at MasterRussian.NET
Russian Grammar, 2nd Edition (Stilman, Harkins)
The classic, never surpassed

Google Translate - Translate Russian Online

Broadcast and News Media 

Телевидение и новости 
Live Streaming TV and Radio
Itogi news magazine

Other Local Russian Language Groups 

Местные группы Русского языка 
U Del Slavic Club's Language Tables
7:30 every Tuesday at the Newark DE Brew Ha Ha!

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