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Behold the Ekranoplan
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Powers of 10: Zoom-view our Galaxy
The Curta Calculator
Ten Technologies that Refuse to Die
The Nastiest Honeypot Ever, or When Outsourcing Goes Bad
Another Tale of Outsourcing
The Borg Man Cometh - Dr Kevin Warwick
To Kill an Avatar
Reflections on Reflections on Trusting Trust
Plate Tectonics & the Love Life of Eels
Ever wonder what happened to OSI?
Vintage Depot Direct - Old invoice with Reddi Kilowatt
Behold the Ekranoplan
Dark Roasted Blend
English Russia
Chernobyl Photo Tour
Sunrise/sunset times anywhere in the world
Corporate Culture's Twisty Passages
Misapplying Godwin's Law
The Essential Difference
The Loch Ness Fish?
Amtrak Hell (lite)
Amtrak Hell (the real thing)
Reassuringly old-fashioned snobbery on the Net
The Postman
If ever there were a perfect car...
Musings on Lord of the Rings
Stuff I will have when I'm a trillionaire
Food & Drink of the Gods
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Life Reeked with Joy here for more
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For this, we built the Internet?
IT Security: The Early Years 
Bovine Economics Revisited
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The Holy Tango of Poetry - not necessarily family-oriented!

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